Historical Review of the Latin Evangelical Church

Moises A. Sandoval founded the Evangelical Latin Church, with a membership of twenty-two people. It was in this month of May that we began the process of affiliation to the Pacific Latin American District of the Assemblies of God. Five months later, on September 22, 1979, we were affiliated to the District. By this date, the Lord Jesus had blessed us with fifty new people, making a congregation of seventy-two members. God's mercy has been great leading us to a spiritual and numerical growth, having a leadership with different ministries that have been developed efficiently.
From May to December 1979, we were renting a location between Beverly Blvd and Union St. In January 1980, we moved to a location between Sanborn and Sunset Blvd. We stayed there for four years. During this time Pastor Sandoval maintained his secular work and at the same time he was studying at La Puente Bible Institute (LABI). At the end of 1983, it was difficult to continue in this location due to the growth of the church and once again the search for another location began. It was then that we found 3303 W. Sunset Blvd. Sunset Blvd. That building needed a lot of work because it was a car parts store and at the same time a car wash, but thanks to God we were encouraged and a lot of brothers began to work to convert that place into a house of God. This building became the property of Iglesia Evangélica Latina, since it was bought and at the same time we were acquiring the other neighboring properties.
It was the first Sunday of February 1984 that we inaugurated the worship services to our Lord in this new locality. On March 25, 1984 we had the visit of the District Superintendent, Rev. José Girón, and by this date we had a membership of 400 brothers. In the month of May 1985, Pastor Sandoval graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Theology from LABI, of the Assemblies of God. In May 1989 the church received the certificate of occupancy for assembly by the Department of Building and Safety of the City of Los Angeles. We can say as the writer expresses it in Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God." November 1990, motivated by the growth of the Church, we wanted to make more space in the temple, which caused us certain restrictions with the Department of Building and Safety to the extent that the temple was temporarily closed until the requirements of the department were met. Due to the numerical growth we were enjoying this led us to rent the auditorium of the King Middle School of the Los Angeles School District. It was five consecutive years of attending Sunday to Sunday at this place.
After many years of fasting and prayer, in December 1995 the Lord allowed us to purchase Temple Bethel. Here we were able to rest from 5 years of work traveling to King Middle School. The Lord took us from glory to glory in this place and we were recognized at the 2005 National General Council of the Assemblies of God in Denver, Colorado as one of the 13 transforming churches in the nation. Our Choir and Orchestra participated in the Hispanic event and the Lord was glorified and we were a great blessing to the people that were gathered.
Truly, what God has prepared for one, no one can take. God's eyes are upon all who fear him and he defends them. Now we go forward working in God's work, knowing that He is with us and takes us from victory to victory. Now we are celebrating 43 years as a church affiliated to the General Council of the Assemblies of God in 1979, we also have a background of 4 years when we left Angelus Temple to found the Latin Evangelical Church in 1975 along with other brethren. Now the church enjoys a unity of Spirit and Vision to do the work of the Lord in our times. God bless you.